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Find the best Connecticut (CT) wedding photographer and Same-Sex (Gay/Lesbian) wedding photographer in New York City. As a CT, NYC, Boston, DC, and Connecticut destination wedding photographer I have made it my personal mission to provide my clients top quality portraits with a very easy going and best down to Earth professional photography experience. I specialize in wedding photography and family photography in Hartford area (Glastonbury, Middletown, Groton, Greenwich, New London). In addition I believe that all love is equal and am, therefore, a same-sex wedding photographer and LGBT friendly professional photographer.

In addition to being a Connecticut (CT) wedding photographer, I also photograph weddings and families in surrounding cities and locations such as Boston, New York City, and Rhode Island. I provide great customer service and treat my customers with respect. I offer great products to go with the amazing photographs they receive. I'm professional and personable.

Similar to personality, each photographer's stylistic approach is completely unique from one to the next. Every photographer has their own style that they identify with. Some are more established than others. The best way to determine what style your wedding or portrait photographer photographs and edits in is to look through multiple collections of their recent work. Don't be afraid to ask your photographer to show you various collections of recent weddings or portrait sessions they have worked on. Pay attention to the coloring, the lighting, and the composition. Often times if you find that their collections of work are inconsistent they may be trying to identify what their style is. If you notice that their photos are consistent from one collection to the next you can be fairly certain that you will receive an end product that you are expecting.

Style is not something that is easy to change or adjust at the snap of a finger. If you love your photographer's personality but don't love their style, then imagine hanging photos that you don't love in your home and having to look at them for the rest of your lives. It's not going to be pretty and you will most likely be disappointed. So, my experienced advice is to find a Hartford photographer's personality that you love and whose style you love and then adjust your price point to allow you to work with that individual.

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